About us
  • Sofichimie AG is a well established Swiss company, specialized in innovative Technologies.
  • The company was founded in 1980, as an extension of a 30 year old Group.
  • Today thanks to the expanded applications of sophisticated Technologies, we have diversified our range of activities, also in the Security and Traffic sector.
  • Sofichimie has partners in more than 30 different countries. Through our International network we have created successful joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Driven by the highest standards of integrity and with full respect of sustainability, makes Sofichimie your trustable partner.
Contact us
Sofichimie AG - Wolleraustrasse 11A - 8807 Freienbach - Switzerland - email info@sofichimie.com
What we do
  • Sofichimie AG offers top expertise to the Pharmaceutical (core business) and Chemical Industries.
  • Offers exclusive support customized to each individual client for long term strategies.
  • Supplies Api's and innovative packaging technologies and equipment.
  • Provides Business development to Health Care.
Who we are
  • A small, vibrant and dynamic team , driven by an ambition to deliver excellent results.
  • Differentiation, Innovation and Excellence is our mission.
  • Our fresh thinking and overall experience allows us to deliver a service that is flexible and fast to execute, differentiating with superior quality.